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Channeling Pocahontas

13 Sep

I had to laugh when I saw today’s prompt. It wanted to know abut my favorite childhood toy. To be honest, I don’t think I had one. I did gymnastics every night, read books until I was caught and forced to bed, and climbed things. If I can count every climbable surface as a favorite childhood toy then we may be onto something!

I never realized how much that may have told me about myself. The higher I could go the better. I still used to envy Pocohontas’ (the Disney version obviously) ability to run up cliffs and jump off waterfalls and climb through the tops of trees. I think I’m still trying to accomplish that.


ImageThe reason I did these things (which I obviously didn’t know then) were for two reasons.

1) I wanted the challenge. I wanted to see how far I could push myself out of my comfort zone and make it to the next level. I wanted to be in a place nobody else had been and I wanted to be the first to take the jump. Literally at times.

2) I wanted to be alone. I’m much more of an introvert than I ever cared to admit. I wanted to be in that place not only to challenge myself, but to be away from others as well. When I didn’t want to see my mother I would climb onto our roof shed and hide behind the summer  leaves. Once I decided to climb into the storage space in the top of my closet and just lay there. With luck I fit and it didn’t break. My mother thought I was missing, and I thought it was funny and “serves her right” for whatever I was mad about, but still…

These places were places for me to just stay and think until i was ready to face the world again. It’s literally a brand new perspective, and one so much more vibrant and calming than the world below.

To this day, I find peace on top of a waterfall and a charge on the jump down. I renew myself climbing up trees and feel that energy from wonder when I reach the highest point I can and am just looking at the world around me. To be able to sit and think at the top of something with limitless time is a rare pleasure that I cherish whenever it comes around.

So my favorite toy? Yea, I guess you could say I’ve still got it 😉