Who am I? Why am I here?

I realized, after a view showed up, that I never updated my “about me” area. Sorry to you, awesome viewer who actually wanted some insight into the crazy girl writing this stuff. I guess I just assumed it carried over from my other blog under my same account. So without further ado…

Hey there! I’m Sara. Just your common 20’s something American girl living in Costa Rica. I have another blog floating around somewhere that details my adventures and life on a much less frequent basis. Let’s be honest though, that’s not the stuff people really want to read- I kind of leave emotion out of that one. This is where all the magic happens. This is where I actually have feelings and humanity.

I initially created this separate blog because 1) it’s pretty unknown to the people who actually know me, and 2) because I really just need to start writing again! I used to love it and do it all the time until I got heavier into high-school and college – that killed the choice and sucked away my soul up all time I may have had to write for myself. About a year ago I decided to try my hand at creative writing again and it was awful. I mean, I didn’t even want to read it. The only way to fix that, of course, was to start again. I think I’ve made substantial progress back toward interesting words since then, but there’s still a long way to go.

From daily prompts to random musings, enjoy!
(Or don’t…whatever…I probably don’t even know you..)


P.S. -If you feel like reading about some more objective stuff (aka my Pura Vida chronicles) you can check it out here:

Viva Costa Rica! My new adventure continues…


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