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30 Days of Gratitude

2 Nov

I know it’s an pretty cliche thing to do by now, and it’s not limited to November, but I still love this “assignment”.

I have started a gratitude tree with my students in the classroom, and I think it’s only fair that I also should express the things I’m grateful for in a form that will allow me to look back on it. So without further ado…

30 Days of Gratitude

1. I’m actually stealing this from one of my 3rd grade students, but I’m grateful for second chances.

2. Skype and FaceTime, or really any digital technology that allows me to call and see my family from another country as if I were right there with them is a godsend and makes it completely bearable to be away from them for such long periods of time.

3. Although I miss them now living in Costa Rica, I am still so grateful that I’ve had the chance to experience New England seasons enough to miss them. I have students who’ve never seen snow, or fall, or felt the melting and transition between the months. I’m so happy that I have.

4. On that note, I’m thankful to have this amazing opportunity to live in Costa Rica with a job right out of college. Many of my friends struggled or continue to struggle to find a job, and are scraping by to pay rent. Meanwhile, I had a job and housing before I even graduated my master’s year. To top it off it’s in a gorgeous country where I get to experience many new and wonderful things. I’d be a fool not to feel lucky.

5. I’m grateful that I had 4-H Camp growing up, and that it continues today. It helped me grow into a better person, allowed me to meet the most amazing people, and gave me the skills and strength I needed to be were I am today.

6.  I am grateful that my cat- my old, cranky, hatesmeforleaving cat- is still there when I come home. She’s made it well past her life expectancy and still has the attitude of a firey kitten. I know I can’t expect her to be around forever, but I’m lucky to have had this long.

7. I appreciate sleep. It solves so much. Exhaustion, sickness- not to mention when I get cranky I can usually just sleep it off and feel better. If only I’d understood this logic when I was a kid…naptime just makes so much sense now.

8. I am thankful for chocolate. Nuff’ said.

9. I am thankful that all of my siblings live in one place and I get to go home and see them at least twice a year.

10. I am thankful to have such inspirational and supportive family and friends who I can model my goals after.

11. I am grateful that everyday my students make me laugh and give me hugs.

12. I appreciate active activities I can do with friends, and keep things interested and dedicated.

13. Prep time – very much grateful to have a decent amount of it!

14. Tea is a blessing. Thankful for that- especially when I’m sick.

15. I appreciate lights and colors. They’re just such mood boosters!

16. I am grateful for Pinterest. I’ve been inspired to try so many new things! Plus I’m too lazy to keep a legitimate recipe book…

17. I am thankful for past experiences that hurt because they keep me grounded, but also wiser.

18. I appreciate times when I get to pick at people’s brains/perspectives on life. It’s just so interesting.

19. I am grateful that I had such a wide range of classes in college that exposed me to so many new ideas and subjects.

20. I am thankful that I have always lived within reasonable access to an ocean.