Dear Sales Associates, Please Stop Stalking Me.

20 Sep

Dear Sales Associates Everywhere (but specifically here),

Perhaps this is just cultural to Central American countries, and of course this excludes many of you- but I have a teeny favor to ask. Please, please, please stop stalking me in the store.

I know that being friendly and helpful and available is part of your job. I respect that. There have been plenty of instances in my life where you’ve been of great assistance in finding a certain product. Especially a specific one I’m looking for but can’t find. Here’s the thing though- stalking me does not help.

When I walk into a store I’m totally cool with you asking if you can help find anything. If I need help I’ll say yes or come find you later if it comes up at another point. Thank you for letting yourself be known.If I say no, please walk away and let me browse without hawk eyes and standing right next to me.

Maybe it’s a bit of my introvert personality that causes this, but there is almost nothing that will make me walk out of an aisle or store faster than a sales person who won’t stop staring at me or leave me alone. You’re trying to be very apparent so I buy a certain product, or just buy something. The thing is, many stores have lost my purchase because I was so uncomfortable that I just walked out. Sometimes I honestly JUST want to look and not feel pressured. If there’s a group of you standing together…forget it, I won’t even venture near it.

So as an individual plea, and perhaps on behalf of a larger group- please let the consumers be. Ask if you can help, be available in case we do, but give us a little distance in the meantime.

P.S: I also recognize that sometimes extra pushiness is a requirement-and you must act like this to keep your job. SO.. to the bosses who push for this kind of behavior, please cut you sales employees some slack if they’re not in customer faces all the time. We’d appreciate it.


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